The offshore devision of Aquatech Diving BV was per 01-05-2015 integrated in Bluestream Management BV (see "news")


AQUATECH DIVING BV has performed projects in the last period for the following clients:


Gaz de France Suez Nederland:      Yearly inspection of 5 Subsea trees, Delivery: DSV/ROV/divingservices/reporting

Gaz de France Suez Nederland:   Removal of hold back chains from matresses at the F3 platform. Delivery, DSV/divingservices

VSMC/Tideway:                                Thornton bank wind farm (Bel): landfall cable installation.  Delivery:  ROV/RIB en divingservices

VSMC:                                                 Alpha Ventus (Dld): windmill farm, corrective actions on interfield cables. Delivery;  DSV/ROV/Survey and divingservices

Hochtief/Bilfinger berger:             Alpha Ventus (Dld): windmill farm, debris removal at the transformer platform, Delivery;  DSV/ROV/Survey and diving services

Lagos Channel Management:      Lagos (Nigeria): cutting and removal of a 70m long cargo vessel.

Mammoet:                                         Noordzee (UK): cutting and removal of a texas deck and a 36" caissing of a drilling rig. Delivery: DSV/Survey and divingservices