AQUATECH DIVING BV is able to offer a wide range of services and the materials needed for it. Hereunder a summarization of the most important items.


• Preparation, design and management of civil diving projects

• Preparations building pit before underwater concrete pouring (measurements, equalizing bottom, mud pumping and cleaning the steel profile sheeting)

• Underwater concrete pouring (if requested including concrete and pump truck and including risk of pouring within margins)

• Connection pontoons, if needed a small crane (1,5t) can be delivered to perform hoisting activities in the building pit.

• Underwater welding, burning and cutting (wood, concrete and steel)

• All possible underwater construction activities

• Injection of leakages in steel or concrete constructions

• Underwater inspections (visual, stills, video, US wallthickness, potential measurements)

• Reporting

• Installation and design of kathodic protection systems

• Salvage

• Core drilling to 950 mm

• Inspection and repairs on locks and docks


• Personnel, such as company reps. and project Engineers  for the offshore industry to work on underwater related works (pipelines, rock dumping, diving works etc.)

• Project preparation for Offshore, wind farms and inshore

The offshore devision of Aquatech Diving BV was per 01-05-2015 integrated in Bluestream Management BV (see "news")